Blazing Saddles

The guild Blazing Saddles (Farstriders) was founded in April 2008 by "Zatu" and was intended from the first to be a friendly, casual, supportive guild for PvE players. It is not an RP guild, but it is RP-friendly.

The name was inspired (obviously) by the Mel Brooks film, and by the way one's butt feels after playing for many hours non-stop.

Zatu passed leadership to Helzbelle, (one of Zatu's alts), and then Helzbelle (for health reasons) passed leadership to Moemoemoe, who was GM for several months, while Helz was absent from WOW.

MoeMoeMoe voluntarily passed leadership back to Helzbelle when she returned to the game. Moe did a fantastic job as GM and retains his highly honored status within the guild.

Blazing Saddles is distinctive for many reasons. It's an unusually generous and peaceful guild, with free repairs for all who are of member status, and a strictly enforced "be nice to each other and obey the officers" policy. Periodically, we schedule parties, and meet at our Ashenvale "clubhouse" for the festivities. Party activities often include contests with cash prizes.

The unique dark-brown and orange tabard has been many times praised for its handsome appearance.

The guild has a five-tab bank. The first 3 tabs were provided by Zatu, with his personal funds. The 4th and 5th tabs were provided by member contributions.

In order to maintain a lively community of active players, members who do not sign in for four weeks are removed. Players who are removed for that reason may reapply for admittance.

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