Creating A Page

There are actually three very simple methods to create a page on our wiki. I will be outlining each in the clearest and simplest way possible. If you would have any suggestions or need extra help, just post it up in the forum.

Method 1 - Link It!

The first method is too me this simplest and easiest to use/keep things organized as you go option we have. It allows you to create pages on the fly in a way as you work on a page lower in the 'link branch' That is the tree of pages if you look at how they are linked together. While you are working on a page you may go, "Hey I need to make another page to explain exactly what a Gewblin is…" Normally in this case, if the page already existed you would simply add the code to link the page you're working on to the gewblin page. Well let's assume the page is created, even though we know it's not…

[[[gewblin | Gewblin]]]

Now you can keep going with the page you're on, or save it if you really want to get to that gewblin page. Either way when you get back to the page normally so 'Gewblin' is an actual link all you have to do is click it. When you do it will bring you to a page similar to this page. It will tell you the page you're going to isn't created yet and will give you the option of creating it! Click the create page link and viola, page created.

(( NOTE 1 ))

Method 2 - Side Bar

Our second option for creating pages will always work but is a little less convenient on keeping things together I think. In the main side bar, visible on every page is a nifty section that allows you to enter any page name you want and have it spit that page out with the click of a button. Well, all you have to do is type the name you want and click the button! Just remember to link the page somewhere, unless of course you want it only accessible through the 'view all pages' page or by knowing it's exact name… But that wouldn't be very wiki like. xP

(( NOTE 1 ))

Method 3 - URL Anyone?

The final method for creating pages is a little unnecessary I think… Never the less here it is. If you 'really' want to, you can type a page name into the address bar on your browser as if you would be going directly to that page. For instance…

This will try and take you to that page but because it doesn't exist it will bring you to a page that asks you if you want to create the one you're trying to get too. Similar to method 1 really. So click create and you're good to go.

(( NOTE 1 ))


  • NOTE 1: If you use spaces anytime you create a page, remember that the actual page you create will have '-' instead of spaces. For instance if you make the page, "lol random page" the ACTUAL wiki page will be, 'lol-random-page'.
  • NOTE 2: If you are creating a bunch of pages that link to each other. try to use the breadcrumbs method of keeping them organized. That is, after creating a page like this one that the help page will link to, simply set the 'parent' of this page as the help page. Parent options can be found by clicking the little '+ options' box down at the botom of the page. Also note that this makes the effect of Help » Creating a Page you see at the top of this page.
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