Adding an image to a page is as simple as clicking the 'insert image wizard' button near the end of the second line of buttons in your rich text editor while editing a page. Unfortunately I am not sure of a way to upload a picture to the site while doing this so I'm unable to explain that at the moment. However if you upload a picture to a site like Photobucket you can use direct URL links with the first option it provides. It also has an option for Flickr if you prefer that method.

Faking a Thumbnail

Since we are limited to 300mb for the entire wiki, unless someone invest in upgrading.

  1. Starting with the image you want, resize it down so the longest side is no more than 100pixels with a rez of 72 pixels per inch (standard rez for bitmap and jpeg files)
  2. Upload this 'thumbnail' to the image host of your preference.
  3. Open the wiki page you want to add the thumbnail too.
  4. Use the insert image wizard
  5. Add four horizontal lines in front of the image wizard code
  6. Add two lines behind it
  7. Hit enter
  8. Add four more lines, hit space
  9. Add two up arrows
  10. Add [* and the url to a secure image site, some place you feel safe upload images that they won't get stolen
  11. Hit space and some text
  12. Add a ], two up arrows and two horizontal lines
  13. Hit save
|||| [[image]]||
|||| ^^[* Link]^^||

See it working here

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