Parenting is the key to 'breadcrumbs', an organizational tool that is very helpful to things like a wiki. As you will see in a moment if you don't already know what I'm talking about. Actually, if you look to the top left of this page you will see…
Help » Parenting
This is a perfect example of breadcrumbs and thus parenting. Help is the parent page to this page. Great! But how do we set this up?

Step 1

If you take a gander down tot he bottom right of any page you will see a bunch of boxes that have various options contained within them. The last of which is a box that is labeled '+ options' Well the first step is to click that.

Step 2

Woo! It opened up a second line of these little boxes. One of them will be aptly labeled, 'parent' click it!

Step 3

Fill in the page you want to be the parent of the page you're working on in the little text box and hit save. Actually the text box tries to help you auto complete whatever you're typing in so you don't necessarily even have to have the exact page information, just some of it. Well, after you click save your pages parent will be set and you're all done. ^^

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