Helz, as she is affectionately called, is the current Guild Mistress of Blazing Saddles. She is spec FERAL, and prefers to fight in cat form. Her professions are skinning and leather-crafting.

Helzbelle is actually the name of two of the founder's alts:

A) Helzbelle 1 was the founder's first WOW character ever. She is a Feral Druid. When WOLK was released, she was deleted to make way for Helzbelle the Death Knight.

B) Helzbelle 2 was a Death Knight version of Helzbelle the Druid. It was an RP event, in which the Druid Helzbelle was claimed by the Lich King for his army. Personality-wise, and in RP, this was the same character.

Recently the founder decided to have the original Helzbelle undeleted. She is back, with her original name. There is no RP to explain this. Basically, the gods pushed a magical reset button. (Helzbelle 2 the DK was renamed Helzapoppin. That character has since been retired.)

[NOTE: There is another toon in the guild named Hellzbelle (with two "L"s- she is NOT one of the founder's alts.]

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