Zatu is a Troll hunter, and he is the founding guild master of Blazing Saddles. He is spec Beast Mastery, and has three pets: Mojo the Plaguehound, Voodoo the black lion, and Boogiemon the cobra. None of them are "elite" pets, but he is very proud of them. Zatu prefers the bow as his main weapon, and his melee weapon at this time is a staff.

He has maxed both mining and skinning, and has nearly maxed first aid as well.

[Founder's note] Zatu is not my first or "main" character, but I suppose he is my favorite. He leveled easier than Helzbelle the Druid, so when I decided to found a guild, I decided to let him be the guild master officially. He later passed leadership to Helzbelle, who is GM today.

At this writing he is level 76 and is questing in SB (Northrend).

[RP] As a character Zatu is a bit of a slacker. He prefers to hunt and do quests, and avoids PvP and instances. All his gear is common blues and greens, but that is all he needs. He is heterosexual, and would like a Troll girlfriend… but he is very shy and doesn't pursue the ladies with any confidence. He is outdoorsy, a real nature boy. His favorite thing to do on a date would be to picnic and swim in a lake.

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