Cholena Tales

I don't have extensive knowledge of the lore behind Azeroth. I have heard the tale of how Arthas returned and how everyone was at first happy and there was much celebrating going on. I imagine that it took sometime for word to travel out that Arthas had murdered his father and was leading the Scourge. I also imagine that there were quit some crazy tales being told by frightened travelers and refugees. Thus a person hearing these tales might reach the conclusion that one's family was better off dead. Further, that the plague would have as little interest in the ages of it's victims as the Lich King would. They were all fodder for the lines. A few child zombies might not wreck much physical destruction, but would wreck much damage on the moral of the living. Wars are won as much through physiological attacks as through physical attacks.

So I created fan fiction stories about a 10 year old farm girl turned Forsaken mage. I blame Sanochan for telling me to post them somewhere.

A Bad Cup Of Tea
A Hole To Call Home

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