Videryet is a Blood Elf hunter. He is one of the founder's alts. He is Beast Mastery spec, and has two pets: Hector the Chimera (the purple Netherstorm rare!), and Beryl the Sporebat. Beryl is the pet Videryet strongly prefers. His ranged weapon at this time is a rifle, and his melee weapons are a sword main hand and fist weapon off-hand.

Videryet's professions are skinning and enchanting. He knows the highly desirable agility enchants for weapons, gloves and boots. He also knows unholy, firey and beastslayer for weapons. Any guildie who wishes for these need only provide materials and Vid will enchant for free.

[Founder's note] I was stuck for a elfin name for him, so I used the phrase "We there yet?" LOL

[RP] Videryet is heterosexual and he prefers BE women. He is Slydog's cousin, not a friend of his. They don't like each other, which is why you never see them together, LOL.

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